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At the first look one might think that Sodium Borohydride as a fuel for Fuel Cells or for Hydrogen generation is unpractical and expensive for the consumer. As often that first look just scratches the surface of the topic and does not pointed towards the future. Remember: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells are new territories and no world standard is yet set. As soon as it comes to mass production prices equal to the oil industry can and will be achieved.

In the following text you can see and read about, how easy and inexpensive the production- and recycling/ reproduction process of Sodium Borohydride is.

New Patented Processes of NaBH4 Production by MERIT Ltd.

With these new processes MERIT Ltd. has radically lowered the price and the time for the production/reproduction of Sodium Borohydride.

  • Powder shape reactants are used.
  • Non-hydrogenated alkaline metal (Mg) issued as reactant.
  • Heating treatment under reaction can increase the reaction speed.
  • Minimum energy input for reaction is required.

Scheme of Dynamic hydriding/dehydriding process

NaBO2 + 2Mg + 2H2 NaBH4 + 2MgO

Material cost vs. commercial process

* Note: The efficiency of the commercial process by Bayer is about the same as the one of MERIT Ltd. One big difference between those two processes is the price of the reducing agent.

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