Materials & Energy Research Institute Tokyo, Ltd. MERIT is a research company developing and providing technology on hydrogen energy.

MERIT was founded in 1986 in conjunction with Kogakuin University (KUCEL) to promote research and development activities on hydrogen technology, as the first Japanese company working in collaboration with a university.

President:  Seijirau(Seiji) Suda


  • Establish the ideal model of cooperation between academics and industry by supplying the research achievements of a university towards industrial technology
  • Preserve the global environment by developing and providing technology on hydrogen energy
  • Contribute to the international energy supply system by researching and developing technology to realize the commercial use of hydrogen energy

Why establish a company such as MERIT Ltd.?

  • The collaboration with universities provides basic research in a still new research area (in general Hydrogen, specifically Borohydride)
  • More basic research is needed
  • Companies can't afford basic research
  • Japans government is funding certain research projects
  • Collaboration with other companies in order to research more effectively
  • Collaborations have benefits for all parties

What are the goals of MERIT Ltd.?

Our research goal is to develop and provide technology on hydrogen energy systems, especially systems which store and transport hydrogen, and systems for energy conversion. These technologies should support the Hydrogen Economy and add to a global environmental friendly future.

MERIT Ltd. operates at the team of industry and university research.

R&D (research and development) of university or basic research companies is completely different to the research work in the industry. The industry takes the knowledge and the achievements of the research companies and creates a product which can be sold in order to make profit. In that case the research and development work should not be called R&D, but E&D (engineering and development).

MERIT Ltd. closes this gap. We provide knowledge and know how combined in prototypes and other applications. Therefore the overall research work is shorter and new technologies can be introduced faster to the market.

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You may each details of our R&D activities related to the following schemes will be found via the listed keywords;

R&D on metal hydrides and their applications, and sodium borohydride (SBH) as the hydrogen strorage material, the source of gaseous hydrogen for PEMFC, the protide (H- ion with 2 excess electrons) source for Direct Borohydride Fuel Cell, and the production and regeneration process for SBH based on the adandant natural resources in Turkey 

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fluorinated metal hydrides, sodium borohydride, direct borohydride fuel cell, DBFC, hydrogen generation, merit, s.(seiji, seijirau) suda, kogakuin university