Catalyst research

The catalyst research work is one of the main and important research topics of the MERIT Ltd. Different, cheaper catalysts as the commonly used Platinum are urgently needed.

Due to the special characteristics of Sodium Borohydride, MERIT Ltd. already succeeded in developing a cheap catalyst for the H2 generation and for the anode of the DBFC.

The key for these achievements are specially treated compounds of metal alloys. Using the fluorination technique of MERIT Ltd. these compounds receive a Nano structure on their surface which provides a huge surface area. The advantages of such a big reaction area are enormous. Hydrogen generation for Fuel Cells in applications such as cars, seems to be no problem any more. A big surface also means smaller size, which saves weight and supports micro applications. But the best thing about fluorinated metal alloys is the fact that they only cost a fraction of platinum.

Untreated Mg2Ni Fluorinated Mg2Ni

These figures show the surface area of a metal alloy compound before and after treated by MERIT Ltd.. You can see the Nano structure after the fluorination process, which provides such a huge reaction area.
  • Cheap
  • Nano structure (huge surface area)
  • Fast hydrolysis
  • Nickel supports hydrolysis
  • Weight, size, material reduction
  • -Cheap
  • -Nano structure (huge surface area)
  • -High electrochemical activity
  • -Weight, size, material reduction

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