Applications and prototypes

Micro DBFC


This is a test system for the DBFC. It is for experimental purposes only. Such system provides data on the stack performance for the ongoing research work. Of cause other important features like the system stability, fuel flow rate,… are also tested with these systems. The DBFC stack can easily be removed and replaced by another.


Stack type for experimental purposes only.

7 Cell stack, 100W


Stack type for experimental purposes only.

This DBFC is just for checking the functionality of the stack. Normally 7 or 10 cells with an anode area of 200cm² are used in a stack. Such type provides about 200W.

Flat type DBFC [10W]

(without auxiliary machines)

This single cell DBFC is for experimental purposes only. It provides experimental data for the micro DBFC.

Micro DBFC, 2003 Prototype
    • 2 Cells
      Open Circuit: 2.2V
      Power density: 38.6 mW /cm²
      Maximum power: 1.25W (1A, 1.25V)
      10wt% of NaBH4 in aqueous alkaline solution provide 1A for 3h 47min. (3,78Ah)
      Operates at room temperature

DBFC, 2000 Prototype

This is a small scale prototype of the stack fuel cell type. It was build during the test program in the year 2000.

200W Power generator, 2003 Prototype
      • Spec
        Volume: 35liter
        Power converter: AC 100V  DC 12V
        Fuel Tank: 1liter
        Pump: 0,7 LPM
        Air Compressor: 15 LPM
        Size: 50cm x 30cm x45cm
        Weight: 30kg